How to sync your phone contacts to google account/apple account

How to sync your phone contacts to google account/apple account

You can set up your phone to access your Google account and have your contacts with you on the go. Syncing helps in downloading phone numbers from Google account into any of your new phones. You can buy any phone and you can download all your contacts in it.

Syncing Google Contacts with your Mobile Phone (or iPhone contacts with Google) is a process in which new contacts will be uploaded into your Google account and old contacts will be downloaded into your Mobile Phone. Thus both your Mobile Phone and Google Contacts will have all your contacts.

For this we just have to follow the following steps:

Step 1:  Open Settings.

Step 2: Tap Accounts & Sync or simply Accounts according to the option available at your Android Mobile phone.

Step 3: Now if your Google Account  is already added to your phone just tap Auto sync.

OR   if your google account is not added follow these steps:-

Step 3: Now just add Google Account to your Mobile by clicking Add Account option. 

Step 4: Now tap Google.

Step 5: Sign in to your Google Account by writing your Email ID & Password.

Step 6: Tap your newly added Google account.

Step 7: Now tap Account sync. This is usually present  at the bottom of the menu.

Step 8: Tap to turn on the switch present next to “Contacts.” And your phone will start to sync your Google Contacts. And to check if your Google Contacts have been added, you can open the Contacts tab of your phone. 

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