How to Reset your facebook password

How to Reset your facebook password

There are two ways to reset your password 

i:e 1-By mobile device 

     2- By computer/laptop

I will explain you the easy method by mobile 

Step 1open the app or browser by login  into your account 

             And in right corner tap on 3 black lines. 

             If it is already open the interface will look like this

Step 2 : scroll down and tap on the security option it will look like this 

Step3:  Again scroll down and choose the option security and login  the        interface will look like this 

Step 4:  when you tap on security and login the option change your password will come click there and it will look like this 

Step 5: Now you can reset your password 


Again new password 

Step 6: if u forgot your password and if it is still already login u can reset it by clicking on Forgot Password and it will ask you a how you can reset by email one time password (OTP) or by text on registered mobile number choose one of them it will look like this in my case i have added email address so the code will come there 

Step7 : Now i will enter my one time password  of 6 digit and continue 

Step 8: And finally i will choose a new password and at last logout from other devices 

Now i have  successfully changed/reset the password 

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