How to install kali Linux in VirtualBox

How to install kali Linux in VirtualBox

Configuring kali linux as a host machine leads to many hectic problems. The system may lag too. So to avoid those manual obstacles Virtual box has introduced a new way known as Virtual Kali Machine. Here we create a virtual Kali linux operating system and adjust the environment to our host system settings to perform our required tasks.

So to download Kali Linux OS in Virtual Box we need to follow the steps given below :-

Step 1 :-Open a browser and surf to this website (

Then select the link of the Kali machine type based on 32 bits or 64 bits of Host machine.

Step 2 :-.Then the file will be downloaded. And select the extension file which is present on top of screen.

Step 3 :- It will take us directly to the virtual box and then we need to hit “Import”.

Step 4 :-  It may take a while to download. And as soon as it is completed, hit settings and adjust the system settings according to the host system. So that it won’t lag and run without errors.

Step 5 :- And hit “Run” and it may take a while to process. Then give the username as “kali” and again the password as “kali”.

Step 6 :- Thus our Kali Linux Virtual Machine is ready to use and we can perform our required tasks here.


We finally completed installing Kali Linux as our virtual machine. So directly we have avoided many obstacles faced, when kali is not installed as a host machine. Virtual box made our tasks simpler and easier. So to install a virtual kali machine we need to follow the above steps.

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