How to install antivirus on Android Devices

How to install antivirus on Android Devices

First of all , Antiviruses are application software which are used to prevent , detect ,and protect our Computing devices from any kind of viruses, worms, spyware  or any kind of software which can be offensive for our devices. We can install this type of antivirus for our android phones to increase our own security.

Following are the steps which you can do to install a antivirus for your android devices :

Step 1 :

First of all, you have to choose which antivirus you want to buy 

Step 2 : 

Then go to their website or  search for this app on play store and install this app .

Step 3 :

Then check their plan for antivirus ,also you can purchase this antivirus from flipkart, amazon etc. we will discuss about Kaspersky Antivirus app in this article.

Step 4 : 

After checking those antivirus, you can buy from from flipkart or amazon website or you also can purchase this subscription from the app itself .

Step 5 : 

If you buy a antivirus from any store then they will give you a activation key, you have to choose “I have a licence” option  .

Step 6 : 

After that you have to enter the activation key or licence “enter the activation code” in this app.

And make sure you are doing these steps on your android phone 

And if any app available for this antivirus then use this app instead of web Browser.

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