How to enable firewall security in windows

How to enable firewall security in windows

Firewall acts as a wall, which protects our system from dangerous malware and from unauthorized access. It always ensures our device is safe. Many systems got hacked by hackers because of disabling firewalls. So it is our duty to protect and maintain the firewall is enabled all the time.

So to enable firewall in our systems we need to follow the steps given below :-

  • Step 1 :-  Click on the start option which is present on the bottom left of the screen. 

  • Step 2:- Then type “Firewall” in the search bar and select it .

  • Step 3:- Hit enter and make sure the firewall option is “ON” in the following three networs.
  • Step 4:- If not select “Restore Settings and hit “Turn On” option.

Conclusion :-

So we can enable firewalls by doing this process. By following these above steps we can protect  ourselves from getting hacked. So we should ensure that our firewalls are being enabled all the time.

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