How to disable auto Backup

How to disable auto Backup

Automatic backup is a type of data backup model that requires little or no human intervention in backing up and storing data from a local network/system to a backup facility. Automating the backup process saves time and complexity required to manually back up a computer, network or IT environment.

It is very essential thing for our daily life be up do date .

Following are the steps to stop auto backup :

There are various services , application which have auto backup facility but we will  discuss about WhatsApp Auto Backup. 

Step 1 : 

First of all open your WhatsApp. And click the three dotted option on upper right  corner.

Step 2 :

Then click the “Settings” option.

Step 3 :

Then click “Chats” option 

Step 4 :

Then click chat “Chat Backup” option.

Step 5 : 

Then you can change the auto Backup option by clicking “Back up to Google Drive” option.

Step 6 :

Change its value to “Never” option then your auto Backup feature will be stop for this app.

We have seen advantages of auto Backup but it have some disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages :

  • Sometimes when the app or service are auto update , for this time we can’t use this particular app.
  • Also it use the data for backup , if we have mobile data op in our  phone then we can’t able to  know when our data will be finished.

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