How to delete saved passwords from chrome

How to delete saved passwords from chrome

Introduction :- Most of us find it difficult to memorize all the passwords. So we save them in browsers, so that it will be easier to access them and moreover need not memorize them. We can store n number of passwords that contain sensitive information. This practise turns advantage to hackers. Hackers may access your browser and break your privacy by viewing your passwords and accessing sensitive information. 

So we can avoid hackers who can access our saved passwords by following steps :-

Step 1 :- Open your browser and click on the chrome icon which is present on the top right of the browser.

Step 2 :- Click on the “Passwords” option in the drop down menu as shown in above figure.

Step 3 :- Here we can view all our saved passwords here.

Step 4 :- Click on “Remove” option which is located down below details option.

  • Step 5 :- We can repeat this procedure to all the saved passwords.

Conclusion :-

Hence by doing these steps, we can prevent ourselves from getting hacked. Deleting passwords is the best safety option by the users end. We can avoid hackers to see our passwords and break our privacy by gaining access to our sensitive information.

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