How to check if an application is safe or not in an android device

How to check if an application is safe or not in an android device

Introduction :-
These days many hackers are targeting victims of android devices. Because most of us use android devices to store information. We should ensure that our applications must be pretty safe and we need to prevent ourselves from getting hacked.

So to prevent from getting hacked we need to remember these following points:

  • Point 1 :- Hackers can access us  through malicious apps. So while downloading them we need to verify them before giving permissions.

  • Point 2 :- Many hackers use to send fake updates to victims so that they can create a backdoor and bypass all the user controls like by accessing our contacts, locations and what not .

  • Point 3:- Play store is a well known verified source for downloading applications in android devices. It prevents many malicious applications.

  • Point 4:- A good antivirus in our device, will make us more safer in this digital world.

It acts as a defender moreover it protects us from malwares and viruses.


So we need to check before giving permissions to a particular app. If not it may increase the           risk factor of the victim which leads to hacking. Allowing permissions without checking, is a bad   practice actually. So one needs to verify and give permissions. Even on the other side installing a better antivirus will make us safe.

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