How to check background running app

How to check background running app

Step -1: there are two methods how we can check the background running app.

  1. If you are a android or iphone user you can swipe from home button to upwards and it will show you background running apps
  1. And if u found any suspicious app close from here 

Step -2  In second method you can go to your mobile setting option by clicking on setting icon 

Step -4 In the settings option status bar and notification is there click on that option 

Note – every phone has different option like mostly have (manage apps) 

Step 5 – after that you can see what application are running on your device and in background .

Note – uninstall unwanted application as i have installed it BOMbitUp for giving example to you this application is installed while downloading movie from unofficial website .

  • Regular check what application have installed in your device 

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