Cyber Jagrithi and Safety Foundation

Our Cyber Jagrithi and Safety Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization registered with Govt. of India.
Gazing at the way technology is taking over the world, we must admit that “Technology and Internet” have made our day-to-day lives simple and effective. No wonder, it has become a part of our lives and we are depending on technology evolutions more than before. Just like any other invention, this too comes with the advantages and disadvantages.

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Mission and Vision

Our purpose is to empower students, families, communities, and society with prevention and intervention skills to reduce cyber-crime.

Our founder Mr. Rupesh Mittal, along with our highly skilled teammates, have designed “Awareness programs and workshops” to enhance cybersecurity.


Cyber Crimes Awareness Udemy
June 2020

Cyber Crimes Awareness Udemy

First-of-its-kind Cyber Crimes Awareness Udemy – self-placed e-learning course was launched in the month of June 2020, with the fellowship of Rubaroo – Hyderabad, which worked on creating awareness to over 20,000+ participants.

Stop Cyber Bullying Day 2020
June 19, 2020

Stop Cyber Bullying Day 2020

As a follow-up to events conducted, Stop Cyber Bullying Day 2020 on June 19, 2020. With a reach of 35,265 people all India via 40 participants for competitions organized.

Cyber Jagrithi Programme
Nov 2, 2019 – March 2020

Cyber Jagrithi Programme

The first-of-its-kind awareness program that celebrated 20 colleges was organized by the Cyber Jagrithi and Safety Foundation i.e., Nov 2, 2019 – March 2020. The event also saw an impact of awareness to 5000+ participants and in 3 states – Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamilnadu.

Karmaveer Chakra Award
December 2019

Karmaveer Chakra Award

Our founder Mr. Rupesh Mittal, has been awarded the Karmaveer Chakra Award at IIT Delhi event by the International Confederation of NGO in partnership with the United Nations to the people across the globe for relentless courage. The award is a tribute to A. P. J, for his work on the Cyber Jagrithi Programme.


Changemakers against Cyber Crimes

Cyber Jagrithi became the first organization to represent through Changemakers against Cyber Crimes, at Jagriti Yatra 2019.

How we make people aware of cybercrime

Our founder created the organization with one motive in mind. The motive to make people aware of cybercrime. Recent reports in India have stated that cybercrime has been one of the growing concerns in India.

Cybercriminal activities like a phishing attack, ransomware attack, and identity theft have been very common these days. People have been victims of these cybercriminal encounters and have suffered huge business and personal losses

Cyber Jagriti believes that if more people are educated about a situation, then spreading certain problems can be eliminated at an alarming rate. This is the reason we do cyber seminars, to let people know about the ongoing threat cyber threat in India

In these cyber seminars, we share some of the preventive tips to all the people who act an attendee. Through this, we tend to reach more and more audiences. People who do not make it the seminar; we tend to share the preventive tips via our social media handles.

Our recommended tips

Stop reckless link clicking
Stick to your own devices
Never provide remote access
Don’t keep your password loose
Always say yes to an update
Never connect your phone to public networks

Now there are times when people have clicked a link without even giving proper thought. Doing this, they have let the cybercriminals find a vulnerability on your computer. So, don’t click a link without thinking.

There are times, people have maxed their internet and used another internet to make an online transaction.  This transaction history gets saved in their phone and you may never know what a person might do with it.

There have been a number of cases where people have been called and said that the computer is affected and they need to provide them remote access. Once remote access is given to the individuals then all your condimental data present in your laptop will get affected and stolen.

There have been times when people have kept their most important password in the desktop desk, in their USB drives, and as a sticky note in front of their computer. This should be avoided at all cost since password protects your data and leaving it out with no protection can destroy your life.

People in India, don’t take their updates seriously. Our company has seen thousands of examples like these and you might have encountered them too. There are people who keep their updates pending and pending. As long as you keep your updates pending, it’s easy for cybercriminals to hack your systems. Updates are basically security fixes for your interface, so never say no to that.

We have sensitive information in our phone.  Imagine it takes away within one second. It shatters you right? There have been instances where Sensitive information has been stolen since they were connected to a public network. Our company recommends using a private network only.

Why work with us

We work in empowering the people about the latest cybersecurity threats. So, with you onboard and your funds invested in us, we can prevent a cyber catastrophe.

We work on ideas and plans on how people can be educated and protected. This platform was made to come with solutions that would help people live a life without security issues 


  1. To create Cyber Crime awareness among Women and Children.
  2. To make everyone aware of all the Cyber Crimes, scams, and frauds.
  3. To educate about the Cyber laws and all the actions implemented by the government
  4. To guide how to keep one aware and safe from all the different kinds of scams, crimes, and frauds.
  5. We conduct cybercrime awareness camps and seminars in various colleges and schools to make the students aware to be safe.


  1. Classroom Discussion
  2. Online Sessions – seminars
  3. Conducting Workshops on Ethical Hacking
  4. Conducting Sessions on Cyber Security
  5. Conducting cybercrime awareness camps in schools and colleges